About Us

Six people, one Piper. The rest is history...

In February 1999, Six people joined together to purchase a Cherokee Six. But, before they located an appropriate Six to buy, the club had grown beyond 6 members, So two aircraft were purchased. The Cherokee Six (N33354) and a Mooney M20E (N211SC). With these planes, Six4aSix became a true flying club.

Six4asix became a 3 plane club with a purchase of a Mooney M20k. However, due to high maintenance costs and the complexity of running 3 plane club, a decision was made to sell the M20K and to go back to being a 2 plane club. Shortly thereafter, conditions in the insurance market made getting insurance on the Mooney impractical. It was sold and the club was fortunate to locate N8084B, a Cessna Cardinal RG. Although not as fast as a Mooney, the Cardinal is just as economical, still pretty fast, and it has a HUGE cabin (when compared to a Mooney).

With these two beautiful, well maintained, planes; Six4asix is one of the few flying clubs in the state with a both a six seat aircraft and a 4 seat retractable. This combination of planes gives our members us a good, solid, reliable plane for virtually any mission.

As they say: “Go fast, pull back, go up!”