Flight and Operational Rules

1. All members of the Group shall comply with all Federal Aviation Regulations, state, airport, insurance policy requirement, and Group rules while operating Group aircraft.

2. A violation of any of the Group's rules by a member renders him liable to either a temporary flight suspension of not more than thirty (30) days or a monetary fine not to exceed One Hundred ($100) dollars, or both, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

3. All members must be checked out and approved for solo by a flight instructor designated by the Board of Directors before soloing any Group aircraft.

4. A member must perform a thorough preflight inspection of the aircraft, including a visual inspection of the fuel quantity, prior to commencing flight. If a condition is discovered which may affect the airworthiness of the aircraft, the aircraft shall not be flown until cleared by the Maintenance Officer or a Board of Directors member.

5. Each member must ascertain that the airworthiness and registration certificates, appropriate operating limitation information, current aircraft and operator's manual is in the aircraft prior to commencing flight.

6. All aircraft operating limitations must be observed. Aerobatics maneuvers are prohibited except those, which are permissible under the operating limitations when the aircraft is operated in the utility category.

7. Except in emergencies, Group aircraft shall be flown from and landed on hard surface airfields, or as approved by the Board of Directors only. Any member who lands on an unapproved field due to an emergency must notify a Board member before attempting a takeoff from the field. The Board of Directors shall decide whether the member should attempt the takeoff alone or wait until a qualified pilot arrives.

8. Upon completion of a flight, the pilot must tidy up the aircraft. I.E. – Clean the windshield and windows if necessary. Wipe off bug reminance from the leading edges and cowling. Remove all garbage and fasten seatbelts, please.

9. All tanks will be filled to proper levels at the end of every flight unless the member next scheduled to fly is on hand and there is sufficient fuel for the intended flight. The Board of Directors will determine proper fuel levels.

10. Please make a notation of oil used in the aircraft log.

11. No member (except the Maintenance Officer) may perform any maintenance on Group aircraft, other than preflight inspection, without authorization from the Maintenance Officer.

12. Group aircraft may not be piloted by anyone other than Group members.

13. Smoking is prohibited in and around Group aircraft and storage areas.